About Me!

I really don't like having to describe myself!  I work as an accountant, so exciting right? Just kidding I do like my job, especially with my current employer.  However I do have a more creative side which is where this blog came from!
I like Opera and Jazz, The Rat Pack, plenty of Classic Rock and my iPod is so full of random music that most people can find something they like.
I read a lot of books, many of the classics and some history too. Every once in a while I'll throw some modern fiction into the mix but not too often.

I like indy films, chick flicks, foreign films and classic movies. I also go for comedies and action too. I am kind of a movie buff and always have an opinion about a movie. 
I am not a jerk about my opinions either. I like what I like and if you don't then it's just not your style, and that's cool with me.
I enjoy history I could spend hours reading about history or watching documentaries. The best part about my travels is going to historical locations. (when in Rome I visited the spot where Caesar was assassinated! How cool is that! ok it's dorky but that's me!) I think that my travels have also played a huge part into my love of cooking!